October 15-16, 2020
Moscow, Congress Center of the Cosmos Hotel

Участникам конгресса и посетителям выставки

The mode of operation of the International congress "Information technologies in medicine 2019"

Date 10.10.2019  11.10.2019 
Weekday Thursday Friday
Registration of exhibition visitors and Congress participants 09:00—17:00 09:00—15:00
Congress work 10:00—18:00 10:00—17:30
Exhibition work 09:00—18:00 09:00—17:00

Registration as a full-time participant of the scientific program #ITM2019 is carried out in two stages:
1. Authorization on the site (made once. recovery of registration data - through the password change service)

In order to become a new active user of the sites, you need to log in and receive a confirmation e-mail specified by you during registration, that your status has been changed to "active".

All applications for registration as a user of these sites are manually moderated and the team of sites reserves the right not to provide your application with the specified status without further explanation.The status of an active user allows you to access all the information posted in the public part of the site.

For those who have previously logged in, the second time this is not necessary. Sites and there is a single pair of username/password. If you are already authorized on one of these sites and use them – the second can log on to the same pair and additional authorization or activation is not required.

Authorization on the sites is not a confirmation of your registration as a participant of the full-time program of the International Congress "Information technologies in medicine" #ITM2019. As already mentioned, it is necessary to fill in a separate application form for registration as a full-time participant of the event and get confirmation of your status.

2. Registration as a full-time participant of the scientific program of the event (for active users is made in three clicks, but for each event separately)

Registration of participation in the scientific program of the Congress is carried out only for active authorized users of the site. To participate in the scientific program of the international Congress "Information technologies in medicine" #ITM2019 you need to fill out a separate registration form for a specific event and receive an email from with the theme: "Confirmation of status: Participant of the International Congress "Information technologies in medicine 2019". We will send the appropriate confirmation within three working days from the date of your application for registration.

Registration form for participants of the Congress #ITM2019 is available for users of the site with the status "active".
Participation in the events of the scientific program of the Congress is possible only for registered participants who have received confirmation of their status.

The decision on the participation of representatives of non-medical organizations is considered by the Executive Directorate individually. The decision on full-time participation of this category is made depending on the technical capabilities of the Congress zone.

Name badges give the right to full-time participants to participate in all activities of the scientific program.

Name badges for registered participants of the full-time program are issued on October 10, 2019 from 9:00 at the Congress registration Desk.  

The layout of the halls of Congress:

Схема расположения залов
Zoom image 

In the framework of the International Congress #ИТМ2019 1C will represent domestic integrated platform for building health it solutions.

The conference ITMDev of the International Congress "Information technologies in medicine" on October 10-11 2019 will be shown in Moscow leading domestic platform for creating health information systems and applications. Sections of this block are focused on advanced customers and developers of customized applications.
Integrated environment solutions for health care will present and 1C - Partner #ИТМ2019 section:

1C platform as an environment for creating clinical and management modules of medical ERP.
The section will cover the following issues:    
1.     Overview of the architecture of the platform "1C:Enterprise", integration platform capabilities, technology 1cFresh to create a cloud architecture, the mechanisms for customization printing kernel vendor;
2.     Experience building large regional systems 1cFresh;
3.     Support of operating systems and DBMS from the register of domestic SOFTWARE;
4.     Support of legislation in solutions "1C: Medicine" and the procedure for providing updates;
5.     Support organization created by corporate systems;
6.     The experience of creating a centralized RMI;
7.     Protection of information in the GIS in the field of health care of subjects of the Russian Federation and IIA compliance with the requirements of Order of Ministry of health of Russia from 24.12.2018 No. 911н;
8.     Electronic medical record, legally significant medical electronic document flow;
9.     Master class on creation of electronic medical documents.
Aspects of application of software products for integration with FGIS MDLP, including solutions " 1C: Medicine. Hospital pharmacy."

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