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October 15-16, 2020

Scientific journal "Physician and information technologies" is the partner of our Congress in 2019!

Scientific journal "Physician and information technologies" is the partner of our Congress in 2019! 09.04.2019

Scientific journal "Physician and information technologies" is the partner of our Congress in 2019!

Participants of the scientific program of the International Congress “ITM 2019” in Moscow as well as those of National forum “ITM Siberia” in Novosibirsk will be able to publish their works in traditionally specialized thematic issue of the scientific journal “Physician and information technologies”. For that they need to be registered as participants in one of the above mentioned events, apply for publication and then provide their articles to ITM executive committee. The journal will be published by October 2019 and distributed during the international congress “ITM 2019”. Only those participants who have provided their articles by the 1st  of July 2018 can be taken into account, in case they have fulfilled the journal requirements and have successfully passed through the existing censorship procedure. You can find more detailed requirements on the publishing house`s website  
The journal "Physician and information technologies" publishes articles dedicated to the issuies of informatisation of healthcare and development of uniform information field in the area of healthcare. The main topics are: corporate computerization of medical institutions, medical registers, medical statistics, telemedicine, geographic information systems, crucial laws and technical tools for implementation and protection of medical information, electronics health records, software for mandatory and voluntary health insurance, compatibility of software systems, development of unified sizers and reference books, possibility and advantages of remote access to technologies in healthcare, medical resources of the Internet.
The journal is among top-5 most cited journals in the area of medicine and healthcare which is indicated by its impact-factor of Russian scientific quotation index. ISSN 2413-5208 (Online), ISSN 1811-0193 (Print).

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Registration of participants and acceptance of applications for reports in the framework of the XXI annual international Congress #ITM '20 is open.

The annual international Congress "Information technologies in medicine" #ITM " 20 will be held on October 15-16, 2020 in the Congress center of the Cosmos hotel, 150 Mira Ave., Moscow.
List of main issues of the scientific program:
Digital healthcare. National and regional health information systems. Integration. Status and tasks.
Current issues of medical statistics.
Regulatory, legal and technological support for information interaction in the health sector. State registration of medical SOFTWARE.
Complex automation of medical organizations. Specialized medical information systems.
ITMDev-platforms and environments for creating information systems and applications in the health sector.
Decision support systems in healthcare.Solutions for monitoring and optimizing clinical diagnostic processes.
Electronic medical records are a key element of information interaction, its elements, integration, and development.
Improving efficiency in the digital healthcare environment. Models, flexible approach, project management.
The use of telecommunications, mobile and WEB technologies in the provision of medical care.
Information technologies in the system of continuous professional education of health care workers.
End-to-end it technologies in healthcare (Blockchain, AR, VR, IOT, GIS, Biometrics, Machine learning, Cloud computing).Practical use opportunities and application practices.
Specialized symposia, conferences, workshops and round tables.